This course meets the requirements of 55-8-194. Vanessa K. Free Emergency Services Training Act of 2005.

Proper operation of an emergency vehicle is critical for Firefighters and public safety. In the Emergency Vehicle Operation course, participants become familiar with terminology, driving skills and liability issues that relate to the operation of a fire vehicle. This 8 - hour hybrid course includes hands-on driving exercises that will enhance an Firefighters ability to operate a vehicle during an emergency situation by teaching personal and vehicle control limitations. The Firefighter must complete all of the online training sections before attending the hands on driving portion. Sign up for the hands on driving portion at This program is designed to also meet the requirements of TCA 55-8-194 Vanessa K. Free (VKF)

Since March of 2016, over four fire service personnel have been killed by emergency response vehicles that were backing up. Despite continuing efforts to educate all emergency responders about how to avoid backing up and back up safely when necessary, clearly enough is not being done to prevent these deaths. has stepped up to produce a new, concise, clear, and engaging video that teaches recommended practices for backing up emergency vehicles. The video was developed in cooperation with lead consultant Mike Wilbur, a nationally-recognized expert in emergency vehicle operations, CEO of Emergency Vehicle Response, and a retired 31-year veteran of the FDNY. The video uses fire apparatus as the example, but the safety practices taught are applicable to all emergency response vehicles.